Pilates Pelvic floor

Whom is the Pilates Pelvic Floor Course for? 

The course is specially designed for women, who want to strengthen their pelvic floor. The training is useful for: 

  • Women after giving birth
  • Women with a weak bladder / incontinence
  • Everyone who want to take precaution for their health

Why is a strong pelvic floor important? 

The pelvic floor closes the pelvic towards to lower end & protects the inner organs. His task are the control over bladder & intestine,  getting supported by back muscles and the abs. 


The pelvic floor support the body while pressured (e.g. sneezing or jumping, helps together with the spine to have an upright posture & closes the urethra. 


A pregnancy & giving birth can weaken the pelvic floor - with the consequences of incontinence, lowering of the womb or loosing sensitiveness / pain while sex. 


In our courses we train especially the muscles of the pelvic floor, to bring it back to its original shape, so that he can better fulfill his healthy tasks.

Courses and dates

  • Pilates Pelvic Floor always takes place 5x in a row on a weekly base. 
  • Mothers have the possibility to bring their babies (up to 6 month) to the sessions.
  • The costs for 5 sessions is € 60,-.
  • To take care of all participant, our course is limited to 10 people only.

Upcoming dates



(Thursdays, 10:30am)     

07. September

14. September

21. September

28. September         

05. October



(Mondays, 10:30am)  

02. October

09. October

16. October         

23. October

30. October



(Thursdays, 10:30am)

13. November

20. November     

27. November

04. December

11. December