What is Pilates?

Pilates is a systematic full-body workout to strengthen the muscles. Primary the abdominal, back and pelvis muscles are invigorated. Pilates training sessions are held on a mat or on specific developed machines. It was developed by Joseph Hubert Pilates (born 1883).


What benefits do I get from Pilates?

Due to the effective training method you improve the strenght of your muscles as well as your posture. Thereby you protect yourself on a long-term from injuries by reasons of postural deformity. On the other hand also your flexibility and range of motion increase. Pilates helps you to gain well-being, a better posture and boosts your self-confidence.


Did you know?

In many cases the spine is affected by postural deformity. It emerges from a long-term malposition and lead to heavy dorsal pain. The main reason for a malposition often is a weak musculature, which is not strong enough to stabilize  the affected bones and joints, and hold them in the correct position.


But you don't need to have a dorsal pain first t start with pilates - due to the invigoration of abdominal, dorsal and pelvis muscles you can work on your long-term health on an active base.


Who can do Pilates?

Verysimple: everybody!

From Babylates to Pilates for elder people (my mother is 87 and still joins my courses), the benefits of Pilates are a base of fitness everyone of us needs in the everyday life.

Only in case of acute painful injuries and pregnant women there's to act with caution - it requires a clarificatioin first.


What does a Pilates Session look like?

Here you'll find more information about how our lessons differ from one another:


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